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A Roman Shade is a series of 2ft fabric sections hung along two parallel wires between two faces. They can be installed between two existing parallel faces or can be made with a frame to surround the area you would like to shade. They are un-tensioned with each section hanging below the cable creating a unique and airy atmosphere, as well as being retractable, allowing you to cover or uncover an area as you wish. Roman Shades are easy to install and takedown and depending on the frame or surface they are attached to, can create an entirely temporary structure. Their aesthetic shape is popular for restaurants, patios and, when combined with a pergola, are great for temporary shade at events.


Easily Retractable – One of the defining features of a Roman Shade is the ability to retract and extend shade as you wish. Our Roman Shades come with a stainless steel pulley system that can be locked into an open or closed position, making it easy and efficient to retract and extend shade from a single position.

No Substantial Footings – Unlike a free-span fabric structure, which requires substantial footings to accommodate tension, Roman Shades are un-tensioned and require minimal frames. Frame posts are usually bolted to the floor instead of requiring extensive construction, which can be particularly beneficial for commercial or rented property.

No Engineering – Another advantage to minimal footings is the lack of need for structural engineering. With more substantial products, the design and engineering process is more complicated, adding to the cost and duration of the project. The shade analysis we preform on Roman Shades projects is typically a very fast and easy process.

Fast Install – This product can be installed in a single day, making it a great solution for those in need of shade quickly or those whose businesses would be interrupted by extensive construction. Should you wish to temporarily remove your Roman Shades at any point, this process is also extremely fast with our Kwik Clip system.

Extendable – Due to the modular nature of a Roman Shade, it is quick and easy to add sections, for example to a patio, extending with the width or length of your shaded area.


Low Performance in Wind – The fabric of the Roman Shade is un-tensioned, therefore, their performance in inclement weather conditions is not as optimal as our tensioned products. During particularly windy conditions, Roman Shades will need to be fully retracted to prevent damage.

Limited Span – Because this product runs along a cable, the maximum achievable span is much less than our other products. A free-span structure, for example, can span 60+ft, whereas a Roman Shade is limited to around 25ft in length and 8ft in width. However, this issue can be navigated by using sections of Roman Shades to cover large areas.


  1. Metal Structured Supports – Each 2ft section is supported by a metal rod, which helps each section hold their shape and ensures the rigidity of your Roman Shade.
  2. Marine-Grade Hardware – For outdoor products, high-quality hardware is essential for both the aesthetics and the longevity of your structure. All of our hardware is made from marine-grade forged 316 stainless steel imported from Denmark. High load rated, this material is extremely strong and corrosion-resistant ensuring a polished finish for the life of your hardware.
  3. Reinforced Double-Hemmed Seams – The seams of our Roman Shades are reinforced with a fabric belt and double-stitched with UV stabilized sewing thread.
  4. High-Tensile Cable – The rigidity of the cable used for Roman Shades is essential for their performance and look, we use high-load rated, marine-grade stainless steel cable to ensure maximum tension and longevity.


Roman Shades are available in the following range of fabric types and colours.

Commercial-Grade Light


Gun Metal

Steel Grey


Navy Blue

Aquatic Blue


Sky Blue

Brunswick Green

Bright Green

Rivergum Green



Deep Ochre

Cherry Red




Desert Sand


Dual Shade