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A KwikShade structure comprises a fully tensioned, hyperbolic shade sail flown between a diagonal joisted steel frame. They are square in shape and come as kits in set sizes of 12′, 14′ and 16′. Although they have minimal footings, they are designed as permanent structures, however, surface mounted installs can be moved if needed after the initial installation. KwikShade structures are particularly popular in educational settings such as playgrounds, schools and daycares but can also be used in many other settings.


Less Extensive Footings – Typically, tensioned fabric structures require extensive footings to handle the load created by tensioning the fabric. KwikShade structures are braced at the top of each post, which allows for much smaller and less intrusive footings. These structures can be bolted to any substantial surface such as concrete or asphalt or can be secured using smaller footings for surfaces such as grass.

Retrofit Possibilities – Because of this reduction in footing size, KwikShade structures are great for adding to existing facilities where shade has not been planned from the initial design. These structures are also relatively small, making it easy to fit into an existing playground or seating area without taking up too much space.

Ease of Install – Thanks to the bolted footings, these structures can be sent to your facility as a kit and, although we can install them for you if required, they can be easily installed by your existing maintenance team should they have the correct equipment.

Increased Aesthetics for a framed structure – Depending on your preference, framed structures can be less aesthetically pleasing than our free-span structures due to the lack of ability to twist the fabric, creating a hyperbolic shape. KwikShade structures use a hyperbolic shade sail, which improves the look of your facility while maintaining the above-mentioned benefits of a framed structure.

Diagonally Joisted Frame – These structures are particularly popular with educational institutions because of their diagonal steel braces, making it harder for children to climb on the frame.

Waterproof Capabilities – Waterproof fabric needs to be fully tensioned to prevent water pooling, which leads to structural damage. Our framed (hip) structures are typically semi-tensioned which limits the selection of fabrics we can use, however, Kwick Shade structures feature a fully tensioned shade sail, allowing us to fly waterproof shade sails which creates additional protection from the elements.


Limited Sizes & Footing Placement – Although minimal footings can also be a benefit, this does reduce the flexibility in footing placement and reduces the maximum span. Free span structures offer much more flexibility in footing placement and can span much larger spaces, however, they require extensive footings and are typically more expensive.

Limited Shade Design – Another disadvantage to the kit format is the limited options in design. With fully customized free-span structures we can adjust the design to provide shade during specific times of the day, whereas KwikShade kits are set in their design and shape.


  1. Stainless Steel Perimeter – The perimeter of our KwikShade structures is reinforced with a stainless steel cable, ensuring maximum amounts of tension and longevity.
  2. Double-Stitched Seams – Poorly constructed seams can lead to fraying and strain on a canopy’s perimeter. We double stitch our seams with high-quality UV-stabilised thread ensuring a clean, even look throughout the perimeter of your structure.
  3. Marine-Grade Hardware – For outdoor products, high-quality hardware is essential for both the aesthetics and the longevity of your structure. All of our hardware is made from marine-grade forged 316 stainless steel imported from Denmark. High load rated, this material is extremely strong and corrosion-resistant ensuring a polished finish for the life of your hardware.
  4. Galvanized or Powder-Coated Steel – Frames come galvanized as standard and we also offer an upgrade to powder-coated, which can be used to match the colour of your branding or equipment.


KwikShade Structures are available in the following range of fabric types and colours.

Commercial Grade Light


Gun Metal

Steel Grey


Navy Blue

Aquatic Blue


Sky Blue

Brunswick Green

Bright Green

Rivergum Green



Deep Ochre

Cherry Red




Desert Sand