We service and ship to All of North America

Commercial TensArch

  • Port Dover Fabric Structure
    Port Dover
  • Point Peele National Park
    Point Peele National Park
  • Niagara Falls Zip Line overlooking the falls
    Niagara Falls Zip Line
  • Toronto Island Amphitheatre
    Toronto Island Amphitheatre
  • Le Salle Shade Sails and Play Area
    LaSalle Playground
  • Metro Toronto Convention Centre
    Metro Toronto Convention Centre
  • Blue Mountain Shade Sails
    Blue Mountain
  • City of Fort Macleod Framed Shade Structure
    City of Fort Macleod
  • Junction 9 Yoga Studio Custom Shade Structure
    Junction 9 Yoga Studio
  • Kelowna International Airport Free Span Shade Sail
    Kelowna Intl. Airport
  • West Point Grey Academy Fabric Structure
    West Point Grey Academy

This map shows a handful of the many companies we have worked with across North America. TensArch works with local fabricators, frequently operating in a diverse range of locations all over North America. Please contact us for more details.