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Toronto Island Amphitheatre

LocationToronto Island, Toronto

StructureFree-Span Shade Sail Fabric Structure

Toronto Island sits off the coast of Toronto on the edge of Lake Ontario and offers spectacular views of the Toronto skyline, including the Roger’s Centre and the CN tower. The island is home to some spectacular open outdoor spaces and the City of Toronto was looking to shade their outdoor amphitheatre to protect children using the facility as well as those performing for the children in the summer sun.

TensArch’s major engineering considerations included the grade of the amphitheatre; tall front posts were utilized so as not to affect sight lines and there were also several trees, which the City did not wish to remove so TensArch created a design to complement the existing structure and surroundings perfectly.

Although logistics are an important factor in all jobs, this installation was particularly logistically heavy job due to the nature of an island. Security clearance had to be gained for the construction vehicles which were brought in through the airport and through careful planning and coordination, all post construction was completed in a single day. It is always a pleasure to work with the City of Toronto’s staff as we have done on many occasions.

FabricMonotec Shade Cloth

SectorCity Parks

Size2400 sq ft

OwnerCity of Toronto

Completion DateSept 2017

Architect/EngineerGM BluePlan/TensArch Design



TensArch Sails at the Toronto Island Amphitheatre Tall front posts facilitating line of sight Toronto Island Shade Sail Toronto Island Amphitheatre TensArch Fabric Structures