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Commercial TensArch

LaSalle Playground


StructureFree-Span Shade Sail Fabric Structure

TensArch is a proud preferred supplier to Blue Imp Playgrounds, one of the largest playground manufacturers in Canada who recently celebrated 100 years in business. The City of LaSalle recently constructed a large children’s facility and were looking to provide a large amount of shade to protect the children and parents using the facility in the summer.

We provide a range of services at TensArch, including full-service shade structure fabrication and installation, sail fabrication and consultation. For this project, Blue Imp installed the posts themselves and used our expertise in flying and fabricating shade structures, consulting with us to provide their engineers with load calculations.

TensArch then undertook a site visit to obtain accurate measurements, a key component in ensuring a correctly flown shade sail, before fabricating and installing the sails ourselves.

FabricCommercial 95

SectorOutdoor Recreation

Size1600 sq ft

OwnerBlue Imp Playgrounds

Completion DateAugust 2017

Architect/EngineerIn-house Design



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