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Key Considerations

When designing shade for a restaurant, bar or cafe, maximizing the usage of their outdoor seating area is our most important consideration, boosting revenue and ensuring the quickest return on investment for the business. Shade Analysis plays a large role in any project but especially for food and beverage based businesses. We use software to analyse the position of the sun throughout your opening hours to ensure your customers are able to use your patio or seating area throughout the day. Popular shade solutions for restaurants include free-span structures, Roman Shades and Cyclone umbrellas.

Maximum Revenue

Large Coverage Area – Both free-span structures & Roman Shades create large amounts of shade in a single installation and Cyclone Umbrellas can be chained together to extend the area shaded by a single umbrella. A single-shaded area has also been proven to reduce the heat of an outdoor area when compared to intermittent shade, creating a more pleasant environment for your quests.

Guest Comfort – Guests are often sat in a single location for a long period of time at food and beverage establishments, ensuring they’re comfortable during their visit boosts guest satisfaction and the likelihood of a good review.

Eye-Catching – In addition to creating functional shade, shade structures add value to your business by increasing the aesthetic of your outdoor space. Both the fabric and post colours can be customized to match your branding and can help your business stand out in a busy street.

Minimal Work & Intrusion

Sturdy & Durable – No more umbrellas blowing down your patio! Free-span structures and Cyclone Umbrellas, in particular, are extremely durable and made to handle the vast majority of weather conditions. Shade structures are also designed to handle rain run-off and can be made of 100% waterproof material.

Low Maintenance – Our shade products require little to no maintenance, once installed at the beginning of the season, our products require no maintenance work and can be trusted to maintain their rigidity and appearance. This minimizes the amount of work for servers and maintenance staff and is one less thing to think about with your daily and weekly checklists.

Competitive Advantage

In a competitive space, ensuring the visibility of your establishment is paramount to your success, shade structures create a unique eye-catching centrepiece that can help draw customers to your business. With our summers getting hotter, sun safety is also becoming an increasingly important consideration for those wanting to dine outside.

Safety & Ease of Access

Both free-span structures and Roman Shades allow us to span fabric over your seating area while keeping footings out of the way of staff and guests. Posts can be placed outside of the area you would like to shade, allowing for maximum coverage and minimal intrusion. While Cyclone Umbrellas are supported by a single central post, thanks to their sturdy footings, they are able to support much more fabric than traditional umbrellas and give you the ability to shade multiple tables from a single post.

Fabric & Colour

Ensuring your equipment matches your branding is important when creating your outdoor space, we offer a selection of fabrics available in a wide range of colours. Shade structures are not limited to a single colour, structures with multiple contrasting sails look particularly eye-catching and single sails can also be made from multiple colours and customized to your specifications.

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