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Commercial TensArch

A fabric structure balances functional shade with aesthetic architecture, creating a visually impressive and practical shade solution for any commercial or residential application. Fabric structures come in many shapes and forms, each with their own benefits and intricacies. They are usually comprised of a rated steel structure and either a single or multiple pieces of tensioned fabric, spanned at varying heights to accommodate various weather conditions. In contrast to rigid building materials, fabric offers a large amount of versatility in design allowing us to create aesthetically pleasing structures with a strong functional base.

Fabric structures can be used in any space that requires shade for both humans and animals. Popular settings include playgrounds, recreation facilities, animal shelters, horse paddocks, entranceways to buildings and events needing portable shade. Decorative in nature, fabric structures can also be used as a centrepiece in any space. Additionally, one of the primary advantages of a fabric structure is their ability to cover large expanses of space for much cheaper than building a permanent structure. TensArch offers various different types of fabric structure that can be utilised for limitless applications depending on your circumstances.

Free-Span Shade Sail Fabric Structure

Our specialty, a free span shade sail is created by spanning tensioned fabric between perimeter posts, which can be varied in height to aid with weather resistance and create aesthetically pleasing designs.

These structures offer the ability to place posts out of a work or play area while still offering maximum amounts of shade by spanning the fabric over the area. Due to the engineering requirements of a free span shade sail, you will need room for extensive footings, specified by our engineer.

Cantilever Fabric Structure

Cantilever structures offer the benefits of a framed structure with the ability to place the footings out of the work or play area by cantilevering the fabric over the space.

The modular nature of a cantilever structure also facilitates the expansion of your project. By adding an extra arm, you can easily extend your fabric structure in the future to cover a greater area.

Framed Fabric Structure

Framed shade structures can be used in many settings to create an unobtrusive shade solution where there are limited footing options. Typically requiring much less extensive footings than a free span structure, framed structures support the tensioned fabric by bracing each post and dissipating the load placed on each footing.

Typically cheaper, framed structures can also be erected quickly and efficiently due to a lower level of engineering and construction requirements.

Shade Sails

If you already have a structure in place or want to install the posts yourself, a custom shade sail may be the right shade solution for you. Our custom sails can be cut to fit almost any shape and configuration and come standard with UV stabilized, high-density polyethylene shade fabric, a 10-15 year UV warranty, stainless steel cable sewn into the perimeter pocket, UV stabilized Solar Fix sewing thread, triple-stitched & layered reinforced corners & 316 stainless steel hardware.

Cyclone Umbrellas

Our Cyclone umbrellas offer a more traditional shape and are used frequently with playgrounds, restaurants and many other businesses who need to provide maximum amounts of shade with a single post.

Hypod Shade Unit

Our “Hypod” single unit framed fabric canopies offer an unparallel amount of flexibility while providing maximum amounts of shade in a visually appealing fashion. Cheaper than a permanent structure, the standing framed system offers the flexibility to move the unit around an area as you see fit. These kinds of structures are perfect for events or anywhere with the requirement for multiple areas of shade at different times of the day.

Hypar Shade Kits

The Hypar kit bridges the gap between our large-scale free-span structures and our Hypod units. This framed structure also produces a hyperbolic shape with varying post heights and, unlike larger structures, needs much less extensive footings. These kits can be installed by TensArch or shipped as a kit directly to your location to be installed by your staff or local contractors.

Yacht Sails

With their nautical roots, our sails make the perfect shade solution for any size boat from fishing boats and bowriders up to luxury superyachts. We offer a range of customized options for any type of vessel.



The most critical part of any shade structure, without proper footings you can’t tension fabric safely. We engineer all of our commercial installations based on local codes and wind ratings to ensure the highest levels of safety and to ensure the life of your fabric structure. Post sizing is specific to each job, however, we never use anything less than high-grade structural steel. Using this quality of steel also allows us to place the posts in a less obtrusive fashion by correctly supporting the spanned fabric over your area.


There are many different types of shade cloth; at TensArch we only use the highest quality cloth to ensure maximum amounts of UV protection and to ensure the life of your fabric structures. On most structures, we use Monotec 370, a high-grade monofilament cloth with 15-year UV stabilisation warranty. Weather-max cloth offers a lightweight, waterproof solution for smaller structures and we can also offer an all-weather vinyl, which is a coded full-weather mesh.


Similar to our posts, our engineer rates all of our hardware specifically for each project. All of our hardware is marine-grade rated steel, used on super yachts the world over, ensuring the highest possible quality and durability, maximizing the life of your structure.