Custom Shade Sail Order/Quote Form

Custom shade sails are made to fit your specifications exactly. To achieve a proper fit, these directions must be followed precisely. The term “Eye” refers to your attachment point, specifically where the shade sail hardware is clipped to when installing your sail. Typically this would be either a Screw Eye or an Eye Bolt.

Measurements are taken from eye to eye so the first stage is to properly install your attachment points. This means your posts must be in the ground with their eyes installed and any wall attachment point must also be installed. An estimate of their size and location will result in a bad fit.

To achieve a proper fit, you need to measure the space the shade sail will occupy. That is to say the space between the attachment points. Therefore, measure from the outside of each eye at its apex that faces the centre of the sail. Measurements should be provided in inches to the nearest half inch (round down) from exact point to exact point (noting the height of the attachment point when measuring).

If you are requesting a quote and have not yet installed any hardware, please select “proposed point to proposed point” when prompted in the below form.

There are many shape variations you can achieve with a custom shade sail, if you would like to discuss the possible options for your space, please don’t hesitate to call or email a team member at the office.

Attachment Point Heights

Attachment point heights can be varied for both aesthetic and functional purposes. Varying the height of your attachment points creates a hyperbolic shape, giving the appearance of multiple shade sails. This can also aid with water runoff.

For best results, we recommend a height variance of 3 feet on diagonals.


We compensate for the size and location of hardware (not you). You must supply your own eyes (or speak to us about supplying them), we will supply the attaching hardware, as it is included and will come attached to the custom Shade Sail.

Also, it is often possible to connect to remote structures with stainless steel cable spanning the distance. When ordering or measuring for a custom sail with lengths of cable added (we suggest a maximum of 20’), we still require point to point measurements, then specify the length of the cable you want to add. See below:

Printable Cheat Sheets

We put together a handy cheat sheet you can print and use to note down all the measurements required before you complete the custom quote and order form below

Triangle     4-point      5-point      6-point

Custom quote and order form – first choose the shape of your custom shade sail

Custom quote and order form

Attachment Point Measurements


Attachment Point Height Measurements

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