Residential Shade Sails Canada

Commercial TensArch

Our Passion

Creating beautiful tensioned fabric structures that excel both functionally and visually.

After years in the Shade Sail business, designing and installing, we saw a need for more high-level Shade Sail structures. With our vast knowledge and experience we are able to offer full design, engineer and build services.

Our goal is to provide you with a turnkey Shade Structure, which will meet all code requirements and withstand any weather in your specific region. We guarantee it.

Our Process

Working closely with Architects and Business Owners, we develop 100% Custom Structures.

Communication with the customer/client and or their architect is paramount. Shade Sails are exciting and versatile and there are infinite possibilities, of which, we know many! Relatively new to North America, Shade Sail design by anyone other an expert can be limiting and also prohibitive from an engineering standpoint.

Our process is very hands-on and involved; it has to be in order for us to provide you exactly what the customer visually and functionally while maintaining the required integrity's of the fabrics. We engage in a process that is weighted heavily on the planning and design stages to create the best final result. We encourage open and often communication to complete our projects.

The initial step is to start with a conversation and some photos or concepts. We will review these with you and set up a meeting as required.

Your Possibilities

These are many. We use multiple fabrics that can withstand just seasonal weather or all season if required. Our Shade Structures can be designed solely for Shade, for Shade and rain, or for all weather, including snow. The possibilities with our fabrics allow you to build most any structure with fabric. Consult with us on what fabric best suits the needs for your clients project.